Fall 2020 Body Percussion


Let's practice together...

This summer's been inspiring and motivating for me. The world's turned upside down, and one thing that I've noticed is that community makes a difference - and regular practice.

I've decided to keep the rhythm going this Fall, and invite new friends to join the Body Percussion group with me. 

The illuminating work of the Alexander Technique has also been on my mind a lot lately. As a certified A.T. practitioner, I've always found it extremely relevant to rhythmic learning, and it's about time for that idea to become more real. 

Also this Fall, I'm offering unlimited class passes - a grand experiment that would not have been possible without your support and interest thus far. 

So, drum roll please.......

Mondays 2pm and Fridays 11am EST/New York
20% in September goes to Color of Change

BP 1-class   $20
One Body Percussion class 

Monthly Viewer   $40/month
Unlimited access to class recordings

Monthly Mover   $100/month
Unlimited class pass (every Monday@2pm & Friday@11am EST)
Unlimited access to class recordings

Monthly Groover   $200/month
2 private lessons in A.T. & Body Percussion (online)
Unlimited class pass 
Unlimited access to class recordings

Monthly Zoomer   $300/month
4 private lessons in A.T. & Body Percussion (online)
1 free private lesson for a friend (online)
Unlimited class pass 
Unlimited access to class recordings

Alexander Technique private and group sessions for drummers, and all humans.

I'm a certified Alexander Technique teacher (M.AmSAT) - offering private lessons and group classes. The Technique is a century-old method for learning and relearning better balance, coordination, and improved functioning of the mind-body as a whole. Students are guided through a process of self-discovery; building conscious awareness and choice in specialized and simple activities. Lessons address how to balance, sit, stand, walk, breath, and move with more ease and less tension, rediscovering your own power and improved performance. For musicians, dancers, actors, athletes, the elderly, people who work in an office all day, and those curious about improving their coordination in general, the Alexander Technique has numerous benefits including injury prevention, recovery, and stress relief. 

Between the Beats is a group class for musicians and non-musicians seeking to improve their rhythmic coordination and musical flow. Through the lense of the Alexander Technique, classes include body percussion and basic hand & stick drumming exercises. 

“The easiest I’ve felt playing drums in over 20 years.”  “The work I’m doing with Richie is vital to having longevity as a performer.”  
-- Ari Hoenig (Chris Potter, Kenny Werner, Jean Michel Pilc) 

“Richie Barshay is as much a master teacher as he is musician. The concepts that he brings to the  
table incorporating Alexander Technique and its application to drum set I've found to be profoundly  
eye opening, and something often overlooked in drum set education.” 

“I've been playing drum set for 15 years, and in the first lesson I started to think differently about my approach to the instrument. Breath, posture, relaxation, touch, groove, tone, time feel. These are all concepts that can be worked on for a musician at any level (or instrument for that matter), and Richie, with his diverse wealth of knowledge offers guidance in a thoughtful, patient and effective way. What I've learned and continue to learn from Richie is invaluable." 
-- Philip Mayer (Natalie Merchant, The Band’s Visit)  

“I feel like I have more freedom to make music. It’s helped my playing a lot in general, even though my first concern was healing my tendinitis. I felt more stable and grounded - able to be more present in the music with less tension in my body.   
-- Peter Mannheim (Alvin Ailey Dance drummer) 

"I am bursting with excitement that I now get to attend weekly group drumming fundamentals lessons with Richie Barshay. Richie is deeply artistic and also an alexander technique teacher, so he's sharing from the beginning how to play relaxedly and artfully, grounded and using your whole body -- It's a true gem of my week now and you should join if you want to so we can all be the drummer rock stars of our dreams who know how to be quiet and loud at the right times." 
-- Aly, participant

Workshops, private lessons, school residencies, and international outreach since 2005

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