Sanctuary, eclectic percussionist Richie Barshay's second album as a leader, is a collection of drum-centric originals featuring special guest Chick Corea. Drawing influences from Brasil, Mali, India, and explorations with found-recycled percussion, the songs capture the role of drumming as a personal and communal sanctuary. Recorded inside a historic synagogue in Flatbush, Brooklyn.

JO LAWRY voice 
PETR CANCURA reeds, mandolin 
TODD NEUFELD guitar (1,3,4,6,7,8) 
RYAN FERREIRA guitar (2,5) 
RICHIE BARSHAY percussion 
special guest 
CHICK COREA piano, keyboard (2,5,9) 
released November 25, 2014


On their debut recording Homework, The Richie Barshay Project explores the common ground between Jazz and a variety of world rhythms. Inspired by studies of Indian tabla drumming, with a foundation in Jazz and Latin-American music, the full-length CD explores these influences in an improvisational setting. With special guests including the legendary Herbie Hancock, the listener is taken on a journey through a range of exotic musical textures, experiencing a fresh rhythmic approach to World Jazz fusion. 

“Homework introduces a major rhythm voice on the rise.” 
Ken Micallef, Downbeat

“On Homework, his striking debut as a leader, Herbie Hancock’s current drummer, Richie Barshay, effectively incorporated tabla into his drum kit while adding a wide spectrum of Indian and Afro-Cuban instruments to the fabric of his brilliantly original compositions" 
Bill Milkowski, Traps: The Art of Drumming

DANIEL BLAKE saxophone
special guest 
HERBIE HANCOCK piano & keyboard (1,2,7)
released October 1, 2004

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